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How to Remove AVG Secure Search – Toll-Free +1-888-455-5589

how to remove avg

The AVG Secure Search toolbar can be introduced as a choice with the AVG hostile to infection security suite.

Ordinary Uninstall

The principal thing you need to attempt is to find AVG in the Add/Remove Control Panel and endeavor to expel it from that point. Take after these directions to achieve this.

  •  Click on Start, Control Panel
  •  Open Add/Remove Programs
  •  Find AVG in the Programs rundown and feature it
  •  Click Remove and take after the prompts to uninstall AVG Free


Step by step instructions to Uninstall AVG Completely:

Contingent upon the AVG item (or package) you have introduced, you should evacuate diverse segments.

Ensure you take after the means precisely and don’t hop the weapon – the request of your activities here really matters!

  1. Open the begin menu and pick Settings > System > Apps and highlights.
  2. There, find all the AVG applications, and pick one which isn’t named just AVG.
  3. Now you get the client account control provoke where you affirm that you need to run the AVG setup and uninstall the product.
  4. Snap Yes:
  5. On the following screen you have to pick Uninstall:
  6. What’s more, after that you should affirm that it’s not an oversight and you truly need to uninstall AVG.
  7. Snap Yes, Uninstall:
  8. Presently the way toward expelling AVG from your PC will start. Hold up until the point that it’s done, it will take a couple of minutes:
  9. Despite the choice you pick in the past advance, you will achieve this screen and will be incited to restart your PC.
  10. Snap Restart Now:
  11. Presently, once your PC boots up, you should rehash the procedure for all the AVG programming you have introduced until just the principle AVG application remains.
  12. At the point when this is the situation, pick it and snap Uninstall:
  13. So indeed, there’s a provoke by Windows and you click Yes:
  14. Pick Uninstall:
  15. Affirm by clicking Yes, Uninstall:
  16. Hold up until the point when the procedure is finished:
  17. Snap Finish: You don’t need to restart in the wake of expelling the primary AVG application.
  18. Presently, this next piece is imperative in the event that you would prefer not to have AVG’s scattered stays everywhere on your PC:
  19. Open the begin menu once more, and go to Settings > System > Apps and highlights.
  20. Sort in “avg” in the inquiry bar, and you may discover what I found – establishment/s of Visual Studio 2012 redistributes (or one more year) by AVG advances.

To finish up, despite the fact that it’s not the simplest programming to uninstall, you can expel AVG totally from your PC in the event that you work painstakingly and focus on subtle elements.

Just take after my guide well ordered, and you won’t need to uninstall AVG yet the once.

How to Remove AVG Secure Search
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